Bar & Cocktails

Buddha-Bar Baku offers a special range of premium vodkas, whiskies, brandies, rum and sake for you to sip straight up, on the rocks, or with your favourite mixer. Add to this our selection of local and imported beer and array of international wines from esteemed vineyards of France, Italy and beyond, and you’ll find a spectacular round-the-world collection of drinks to enjoy. 

Peruse our cocktail and mocktail menus and you’ll find firm favourites such as the Bloody Mary, Mai Thai and Mojito, alongside an innovative line of champagne, tea and fruit infused long and short drinks. Expertly created by top mixologists with purees, syrups and juices, why not try the Kiwi Ylang with martini and watermelon, Oh My Dog with gin and rose syrup, or Jack Legacy with whisky and Popcorn carameliser. With so many on offer, which one will you choose?